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半田夏氷 - アイス・ICE
Owner Chef

半田夏氷 - アイス・ICE

  • 生年干支・月:鼠・8月

  • 星座:獅子座

  • 血液型:O+

  • 国籍:マレーシア (南・中華系)

  • 語言:英語、漢語、日本語、マレーシア語、広東語、潮州語、福建 (閩南) 語

  • 趣味:料理、手作り、撮影、旅行、伝統文化工芸
  • 日本防災士

  • 日本赤十字救命救急員

  • 白山市北消防団女性分団員

  • 元・イベント企画監督 (18年経験)

  • 元・旅行雑誌フリーライター

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      • SMILE like a bowl, as big as you can, for to fill happiness and gifts from the heaven, as much as you can.

      • Mistakes are the best teachers.

      • Comfort is the best killer.

      • As long as the sun shining, HOPE exist.

      • Good or bad, everything happens are future’s history, for us to learn towards better.
  • GOD makes each unique, why make yourself the same?

  • You can’t choose how to born, but you can choose how to live.

  • If something had successfully caused you can’t live your life normally and happily, that means you are defeated to it.

  • Every steps are heading to success; you stop, you fail.

  • The only thing you should take serious is to be playful.